The Mission of Humble ISD

The mission of the Humble ISD Human Resources Department is to recruit and retain highly qualified employees who share the district's vision in support of personalized student learning. We provide work-related counseling, solve problems and assist our schools, help employees grow professionally and promote high standards. We work hard to maintain and improve the district's image and reputation of excellence.

To ensure fairness and equity, the hiring of relatives or near relatives must be in accordance with the district's policies governing nepotism and conflicts of interest, which can be viewed by clicking on the Home tab then selecting Board Policy Online and then going to the Personnel link to select DK (Local) and DBE (Legal).


Richard Gardner
Associate Superintendent of Human Resources 

Belinda Colby
Employee Relations Coordinator

Erica Gruber
Director of Human Resources - Evaluations & Student Teachers

Walter Hunt
Director of Human Resources - At-Will Employment

John Krippel
Director of Human Resources - Compensation

Jamie Tisdale
Director of Human Resources - Recruitment

Department Contacts




Chief Human Resources Officer

Rick Gardner

(281) 641-8160

Director of Human Resources - Evaluation, Student Teachers, Grow Your Own Program

Erica Gruber

(281) 641-8175

Director of Human Resources - Salary, Employment, Recruitment

Jamie Tisdale

(281) 641-8168

Director of Human Resources - At Will Employment

Walter Hunt

(281) 641-8172

Director of Human Resources - Compensation, Certification, Data Management

John Krippel

(281) 641-8164

Compensation Coordinator

Deborah Odom

(281) 641-8162

Employment Coordinator - Salary, Certification, Data Management

Lorrie Dabbs

(281) 641-8163

Employee Relations Coordinator

Belinda Colby

(281) 641-8179

Employment Coordinator - Guest Teachers/Substitutes

Diane Henley

(281) 641-8166

TIA Project Manager

Tiffany Hulquist

(281) 641-8220

Compensation Assistant - Salary Changes, Service Records

Tiffany Edmonson

(281) 641-8188

Human Resource Analyst

Cecilia Alas

(281) 641-8224

Leave Coordinator

YaWytrai Mukes

(281) 641-8159

Badges, Leave, and Employee Relations Assistant

Lisa Puente

(281) 641-8021

HR Assistant - At Will/Substitutes New Hire Paperwork

Araceli Rios

(281) 641-8167

HR Assistant - At Will/Substitutes New Hire Paperwork

Odalys Mendez

(281) 641-8181

HR Assistant - At Will/Substitutes New Hire Paperwork

Meagan Buck

(281) 641-8137

HR Assistant - At Will/Substitutes New Hire Paperwork

Ana Garcia

(281) 641-8137

HR Assistant - New Hire Paperwork

Alicia Galarza

(281) 641-8165

HR Assistant - New Hire Paperwork

Rhonda Bradley

(281) 641-8169

HR Assistant - New Hire Paperwork

Cecilia Jimenez

(281) 641-8227

Finger Printing/Certification

Delia Cruz

(281) 641-8171

Administrative Assistant

Tonja Dennis

(281) 641-8160

Compensation Assistant - Salary Changes and Service Records

Ashley Ebner

(281) 641-8176

HR Assistant - New Hire Paperwork

Madison Collins


Employee Relations Specialist

Anely Narvais



Pamela Bell