The Benefits Enrollment Portal is available for you to enroll in benefits as a new hire and during the Humble ISD Open Enrollment session (closed Friday, August 18) held each year. Mid-year Qualifying Events such as birth/adoption, marriage/divorce, change in dependent status, gain/loss of Medicaid/Medicare may allow or require you to update your benefits selection. You are required to cover all newborns as dependents. All mid-year benefit changes must be completed within 31 calendar days of the qualifying event date, and supporting documentation is required for a mid-year change requests. Contact the Benefits Department if you need to make a change to your benefits due to a Qualifying Event.

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Benefits Specialist 

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Benefits Manager

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Director of Benefits

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Benefits Questions

Schedule an appointment with the Benefits Analyst at (281)-641-8050.

First Financial Group of America (FFGA) provides benefit administration services for Humble ISD.

Valerie Clinkscales
Sr. Account Administrator

Benefits at a Glance


Humble ISD Primary Alternative Plan
Humble ISD HD Alternative Plan

Cigna DHMO
Cigna Base Plan (PPO Low)
Cigna Dental (PPO High)

Ameritas Vision Plan


Next Level Prime

Employee Paid

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Health Advocate
ID Theft Protection
Term Life & AD&D Insurance

Benefits for New Employees

Welcome to Humble ISD!

The Benefits Department is here to assist with your benefits enrollment. 

All new hires who are eligible for benefits must complete their initial enrollment online within thirty-one (31) calendar days of the actively at work date.  Please keep in mind enrollment is time-sensitive. Therefore, after 31 calendar days, access to enrolling into the benefits will close.  Your initial enrollment in the Humble ISD Benefits requires an election or waiver for each benefit offered.  Enrollment is accessible by clicking on the MYHUMBLE Icon on your desktop and then selecting the Humble ISD- Benefits Enrollment Icon. Please review the Humble ISD Benefits Guide to assist with determining the best benefit options for you and your family members before enrolling. (See 2023-2024 Humble ISD Benefit Guide link above). While enrolling, be sure to read all the information provided for each benefit in BENEFITS-FFGA to complete your enrollment. 

For medical only, determine when your medical benefits will begin by electing one of the following options: a) First day of employment, b) First day of the following month after date of hire. (This option is located at the bottom of the Medical Election page.)  Medical elected to begin on the first day of employment will require a full month premium payment by Cashier Check or Money Order. Online benefit enrollment is available 24 hours daily from any computer with internet access. 

After the initial enrollment period ends, employees will no longer be eligible or have access to enroll in or make changes to their benefits.  The next opportunity to enroll in, change or drop benefits will be during the Humble ISD Annual Enrollment session held each year from mid July to mid August or in the event an eligible Qualifying Event occurs.  Please contact the Benefits Department for assistance when a Qualifying Event occurs as this event is also time-sensitive, allowing employees 31 calendar days only from the event date to request and submit a change to your benefits.  


New hires with no internet access who need assistance to complete their initial enrollment are welcome to make an appointment with the Benefits Department. Please send an email to our Benefits department to set your appointment.

If access to enroll in your benefits is denied for any reason, please contact our Benefits department for assistance.  


Humble ISD participates in three retirement plans.

Humble ISD Benefits Exit Package

This exit package includes details to continue your benefits under COBRA or continue ancillary benefits that are eligible as portable or as a conversion coverage with carriers who offer this option when you are resigning your employment or retiring from Humble ISD.  Carriers require your application submission within 31 days from the date of your termination of employment or loss of coverage due to a reduction of working hours that may cause a loss of eligibility for benefits.  

TIC - Machine Readable File

TIC rules require group health plans to post links to the machine-readable files containing the TIC pricing information on a publicly available website.