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2016 Junior Olympic Games Hosted at Turner Stadium
Humble ISD hosted the track & field portion of the 2016 Junior Olympic Games at Turner Stadium. This Inspiring Moments video provides some background on how that special opportunity came about and what it means to our community.

Your Schools Show!

View show segments by topic:
Segment 1: Introduction for June Your Schools Show
Segment 2: Former Trustees Lynn Fields, Al Moore & Bonnie Longnion on Choosing the Perfect Leader
Segment 3: Trustee Brent Engelage & daughters talk about Spanish Immersion Program
Segment 4: Angela Bland, Robert McAndrews & Louis Mascolo on the Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Committee
Segment 5: Madison Duncan-AHS, Alan Whitehead-HHS, & Jacob Rodrigez-KPHS on the Student Advisory Committee
Segment 6: Board President Robert Sitton & Board Secretary Angela Conrad on Dr. Sconzo and the Team Of Eight
Segment 7: Trustee Heath Rushing & Sports for All Campaign Co-chairs Joe Cleary and Mark Koenig on the Adaptive Sports Complex
Segment 8: Wrap It Up!  Hosts Dr. Guy Sconzo & Carrie Brinsden
OR view the entire June 2016 Your Schools show:

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