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1:00 PM

4:00 PM

Band Camp: Social at Showbiz


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Who is this for?

Any student who attended band camp with us this week!


July 24


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Arrival/Pick Up

Students will need to be transported there. Students may begin checking in as early as 12:30 PM

Parents, please pick up your child as close to the end time as possible, and certainly no later than 15 minutes after the quoted end time. Please do not wait for a text from your child. Band directors must remain with students until a parent picks them up.


Comfortable school clothes. Remember, sometimes movie theaters are cold.


Tickets are $20 and include a movie ticket, large popcorn and soda.

What to bring

  • Extra spending money for snacks or games (optional)

Behavior expectations

Please discuss with your child appropriate behavior expectations for a movie theater and what is and is not appropriate.

We typically have issues with the following:

- Throwing candy and popcorn

- Taking (yes, stealing) food, candy or drinks that aren't included with the ticket. (especially Icees, which cost extra)

- Talking or screaming during the movie

- Being on the phone during the movie

- Sitting more than one person in the same seat

Students who violate these behavior expectations will be sent home.

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