The Mission of the Risk Management Department is to reduce injury and loss by bringing awareness to the opportunities in our environment and throughout the district to operate safer, take less risks and chance of injury for the safety and health of all students and staff in Humble ISD.


Risk Management Areas
Risk Management oversees the timely filing of Workers Compensation claims and documents for Humble ISD employees injured at work to our workers compensation insurance provider, TASB Risk Management Fund.  TASB RMF administrates Humble ISD’s workers compensation claims and partners with the district to reduce the risk of injury to students and staff throughout Humble ISD.

The Risk Management team collects and maintains current Certificates of Insurance for Humble ISD vendors and facility renters, requesting updated certificates of insurance when needed.

We also process claims for Property Damage to District Buildings such as wind, water and fire, and Accidents involving School District Vehicles filing claims with TASB RMF, Humble ISD’s auto insurance provider, when appropriate while maintaining the records of Titles for School District Vehicles and insurance for district vehicles.

The Risk Management team can arrange for an On Campus Risk Assessment or Training in injury prevention for high risk activities such as lifting, preventing slips, trips and falls, or ladder safety etc.

Risk Management also contracts for Humble ISD’s Student Accident Insurance program providing insurance options to families whose students may be injured in UIL or non-UIL activity. If a non-employee is injured on an Humble ISD campus, we can file a General Liability claim with our insurance for the review of any medical bills.

Workers Compensation
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Workers' Compensation FAQs

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Use or Rental of Humble ISD Facilities

Risk Management collects and maintains records of Certificates of Insurance for outside entities who use Humble ISD property or rent Humble ISD facilities. This includes but is not limited to churches, after-school programs, food trucks, extra-Humble ISD sports events, food distribution, scheduled construction crews/repairmen or vendors at an Humble ISD sponsored event such as a blood drive or carnival operators.If you are looking to rent an Humble ISD Facility for an event, please contact the Facility Rentals department at 281-641-8748 to arrange for the scheduling of your event.

If you are unsure whether you have a current certificate of insurance on file, please contact Risk Management and we will gladly verify your status. If you know you have an expired Certificate on file, please send an Updated Certificate, so we can update your file. 

Humble ISD requests that all food truck vendors located on Humble ISD property be in compliance with local ordinances in having a mobile food permit, if one is required by relevant local health authorities. The potential government health authorities within Humble ISD boundaries are Montgomery County, Harris County, the City of Houston and the City of Humble.

Any applicable certificates of insurance or food permits should be submitted to Risk Management three weeks before an event is held on an Humble ISD campus.

Certificates of Insurance
Sample Certificate with Standard Limits

Humble ISD Vehicles and Trailers


The Risk Management department is responsible for maintaining certificates of title for vehicles and trailers owned by Humble ISD. If your department or campus has purchased a vehicle or trailer with district funds or that has been donated to the District, please send the Certificate of Ownership and original Title to Risk Management. You must also contact the Shop Clerk in the Transportation department (281.641.8776) to obtain a unit number and notify the District’s Fixed Asset Accountant (281.641.8037) for bookkeeping purposes.

***The Risk Management department does not pay toll tag charges for District Vehicles. All invoices and notices re. toll tag payments for Humble ISD vehicles should be sent promptly to the Shop Clerk in the Transportation department (281.641.8776).


The Risk Management Department processes Humble ISD automobile accidents and files applicable claims with our auto insurance, TASB RMF, when Humble ISD employees are involved in accidents while driving school district vehicles.

If you have an accident in an Humble ISD vehicle, please notify your supervisor and the Transportation department immediately (281.641.8720) and then call the relevant police department and complete an Humble ISD Vehicular Accident Form. This form should be submitted to Risk Management within 48 hours of an accident.

If your vehicle or property was involved in an accident with a district vehicle and you would like to seek reimbursement, please contact our auto insurance at the number provided to you by the Humble ISD Driver. If you did not receive this, please contact Risk Management, so that we can file a claim with our automobile insurance for you. Our auto insurance will then assign an adjuster to process the damages to your vehicle or property.

The Risk Management department also provides safe driving and accident prevention tips for Humble ISD drivers. Training is available upon request.

Humble ISD Vehicular Incident Report

Student Accident Insurance

Sports/UIL Accident Insurance: District Sponsored

Humble ISD, through the Risk Management department, has purchased Accidental Bodily Injury Insurance for all students, grades 7 - 12, who participate in school-sponsored UIL events and activities. This includes district travel to and from the event. 

 If a student is injured while participating in a school-sponsored UIL activity, a claim form will be completed by the Athletic Trainer and given to the student’s parents or guardian. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to complete their portion of the claim form and follow directions on how to submit the form and any supporting documentation to the insurance company. 

These accidental student insurance policies are designed to act as supplemental (secondary) coverage on top of the individual’s primary health insurance coverage; however, it can be used as primary coverage for accidents if the student does not have insurance. Also, if the student is covered under Medicaid or CHIPs, then the Brokerage Store plan will act as primary accident insurance. The plan will only pay within the limits of the policy, which could be a portion of the medical expenses. This district purchased plan also provides catastrophic insurance coverage for injuries that exceed $25,000 in medical costs.

Voluntary Accident Insurance: Available for Purchase

Any parent or guardian can also purchase any of the Brokerage Store's Accidental Insurance plans for their student(s), regardless of grade level, directly from the Brokerage Store. In that case, the Brokerage Store's plans would act as primary insurance for accidental bodily injury.

These accidental bodily insurance plans also include Voluntary School Time Coverage, 24-hour coverage and Extended Dental Coverage. They come with low one-time yearly premiums and no deductible is required.  For example, School Time Coverage can be purchased for $30/yr per student and Extended Dental Coverage can be purchased for your student(s) for $9/yr per student. 24 Hour Coverage (without UIL/sports) can be purchased for $117/yr per student and is a year-round accident insurance policy. 

*Please note that school districts in Texas are statutorily immune under Texas law from bodily injury claims with limited exceptions, such as automobile accidents caused by district vehicles. Information for enrolling in these programs can be found in the brochures below or by contacting The Brokerage Store directly at (800) 366-4810.