How to Access Your Campus Menu

  • Select the Daily, Weekly or Monthly view on the SchoolCafe screen below

  • Select School, Grade, Meal Type

  • For Secondary, select a Meal Line

If Selecting Monthly View

  • Select School, Grade, Meal Type

  • Select ALL LINES

  • Place check marks in the category boxes to view all items offered on the menu

For a full service SchoolCafe experience (printing monthly menus, updating your account, etc.) please visit

*Menus are subject to change based on item availability from vendors. A replacement item will always be available and we will do everything we can to ensure our students have options to choose from.

**To access ECC (located at former North Belt) menus, please select North Bend Elementary, Grade PK, and a line will be available to view Early Childhood Center (ECC).

Charging Policy

Students Without Meal Money

Humble ISD District Guidelines for meal charges:

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to continually monitor their child’s meal account balance.  When a student’s meal account is exhausted, the student will be allowed

    to continue purchasing full meals only (no a la carte items) up to -$20.00. Payments on student accounts may be made in the school

    cafeteria daily before school and during meal service times or on-line at SchoolCafe. Visit  to register.

  • Once a student’s account reaches -$20.00 the student will receive an alternate breakfast and/or lunch at no cost.

  • The district will notify parents/ guardians when their child’s account is exhausted via School Messenger e-mails. 

  • The SchoolCafe system also provides an option to receive low balance and/or negative balance notices via e-mail.

  • There is no charging of adult meals.

Daily Menus by School