Health Resources

Please print, complete, and sign all forms pertaining to your child's condition and return to the campus nurse.  The Medication Authorization and Permission to Administer form must be completed for each individual medication (one form is used per medication).  Any changes to prescription medication administration, such as dosage and/or time to administer, require a physician's written order.  Medication orders are valid for the current school year/summer school session only.

Communicable Disease Procedures and Protocols

For the well-being of students and staff, Humble ISD:

  • Trains nurses to keep a close watch on any student who comes to the clinic with fever or flu-like symptoms. School nurses exclude students from school attendance according to Guidelines from the Department of State Health Services.

  • Routinely cleans campuses with sanitizers and viruscides.

  • Operates an Humble ISD Police Department trained and equipped in Infectious Disease Procedures and Protocol.

  • Adheres to Spill Kit Procedures and Universal Precautions on Humble ISD buses.

  • Continually educates students, staff, and community members about the importance of frequent hand washing; covering a cough or sneeze; not touching one’s eyes, nose, and mouth; staying home when sick, and other measures to prevent the spread of all communicable disease.

  • Prevents the spread of rabies through a specified Bat Reporting and Removal Procedure.


Reporting COVID Cases

For suspected communicable disease, District Health Services staff will exclude students from attendance in accordance with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).  This includes COVID along with other communicable diseases as set out in the DSHS  Communicable Disease Chart for Schools and Child-Care Centers.

For COVID, the Communicable Disease Chart states students should remain home: 

  • If symptomatic, exclude until at least five days have passed since symptoms onset, and fever-free and other symptoms have improved

  • Children who test positive for COVID but do not have any symptoms must stay home until at least five days after the day they were tested.

Staff: Humble ISD recommends that staff stay home until symptoms have improved and the staff member is fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication. As with any absence, staff should enter their absences following standard procedures. As of July 1, 2022, COVID-specific paid leave is discontinued.