students at pog store

students at pog store

student at pog store

photo of pog store

Our POG Store workers are ready for our kindergarten.

Our Amazon POG Store is up and running.

At Deerwood, fostering positive behavior and developing essential skills among students are priorities. One way we encourage this is through earning POGs for demonstrating positive behaviors such as responsibility, collaboration, critical thinking, creative innovation, global citizenship, communication, and leadership. Students can then utilize these POGs to shop for items at a dedicated POG store.

By earning POGs for responsible behavior, students are encouraged to take ownership of their actions and responsibilities. This creates a sense of accountability, increasing self-discipline and creating a stronger work ethic.

Fourth-grade student Savannah started working at the POG Store last year because she felt it would be a good way to increase her social skills.  She also likes to help students like her little brother to shop and make financial decisions.  Savannah states, " It is really fun to do.  I like to see how little kids act and how you can interact with them."