Bond Election May 7, 2022

Voters passed Humble ISD Bond 2022. Harris County has completed the ballot count from all precincts.
Proposition A, the facilities proposition, was approved 64 percent to 36 percent.
Proposition B, the technology proposition, was approved 64 percent to 36 percent.There were more than 12,000 votes cast. Detailed information is available on the Harris County website.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the election by voting during Early Voting or on Election Day, Saturday, May 7, 2022.


Humble ISD is a Fast Growth District

This school year we have seen an increase of 2,700 students. Bond 2022 is focused on growth so that campuses can accommodate increasing student enrollments.


Some Humble ISD Schools Were Built Decades Ago

Bond 2022 is focused on renewal so that children who live in established neighborhoods, where schools were built years ago, experience educational facilities that are comparable to the schools built more recently in newer neighborhoods.

There Will Be No Tax Rate Increase as a Result of Bond 2022

Humble ISD can issue bonds and not raise the tax rate

Two factors come together to enable Humble ISD to issue bonds without raising the property tax rate. First, Humble ISD is a fast growing district. As new homes are constructed, new businesses open, and existing property values rise, Humble ISD’s total tax value base grows, allowing the district to collect more tax revenue without increasing the tax rate. Property value growth has allowed the School Board to lower the tax rate three times since the 2018 bond referendum. Second, Humble ISD retires debt annually. Humble ISD does not plan to sell bonds until property value growth and payments toward existing debt allow the district to do so without raising the debt service tax rate.

Humble ISD can issue bonds and not raise the tax rate

Humble ISD’s Projected Tax Rate for 2022 is lower than the current tax rate
Anticipating 6 percent property value growth, Humble ISD projects the M&O tax rate can be lowered by 2 cents in 2022 based on current projected values and no change in the state formula for school funding. Humble ISD plans to keep the I&S tax rate at 35 cents, the same as it has been since 2008.

Bond Tax Rate Decrease

Bond 2022 Proposed Projects

New Buildings

Expanded Campuses

Campus Renewal

Outdoor Facilities for Students & Community

Fine Arts


Bond 2022 Would Preserve General Funds for Teacher Raises

When a district has bond funds available, capital expenses such as air-conditioning, roof replacements and buses can be paid out of those bond funds. When a district does not have bond funds available, all expenses must be paid out of the general fund or from other sources. This depletes these revenue sources, leaving less money available for all other expenditures, such as teacher raises, new teacher positions, benefits, and student programs. Approximately 85% of the general fund is allocated to salaries and benefits of staff. Reallocating general funds for these types of capital improvements would reduce the funds available for raises.

Social Media


Middle School #11


Career & Technical Education Updates

Humble High School Renovations

Summer Creek High School Expansion

Foster Elementary

Playgrounds & Outdoor Fitness


Baseball & Softball Turf