Re-teaching and Reassessment

The intent of Humble Independent School District's re-teaching re-assessment policy is to ensure that students have an opportunity to master the District's curricular objectives. Re-teaching in the District may be integrated into lessons during guided practice and may be a part of the explanation phase when checking for understanding is done. The teacher will determine when re-teaching should be scheduled. For critical skills, it will be done immediately; for recurring skills, it may be deferred.

Reassessing Groups:
An Entire class or group will be re-taught and reassessed when the teachers determines that half or 50% or more of the class have failed to perform at mastery level (70%). The higher of the two grades shall be recorded in the grade book for each class member.

Reassessing Individuals:
After re-teaching, the teacher may use a variety of reassessment techniques to determine mastery. These techniques may include oral questioning, observation, retesting, demonstration, and additional assignment, or an alternative assignment. This applies to all forms of assessment. If a teacher chooses to retest individual to determine mastery an average of the two grades or the higher of the two grades shall be used in calculating the grade cycle average.