Parent Letter: February 21, 2017

Dear Fall Creek Elementary Parents:

I want to make you aware of a recent cyber incident. One of our families reported that their son received texts from a person he did not know, and that the texter knew his name and other personal information. The parent immediately reported this to police. The Harris County Sheriff's Department said that most likely the information was gathered from social media.

This is a good opportunity to take some time and review all social media sites of all your family members.
  • Is there any information that can be seen by the public? Set all posts to be viewed only by friends. Usually social media sites will have instructions on how to adjust privacy settings.
  • In future, all posts or comments should be set to be viewed by friends only. 
  • Check the friend list of all family members. Remove anyone that you do not know, or are uncomfortable with having in that person's friend list.
  • Check the "about me" section to assure that no phone numbers, birth year, school, etc. can be publicly viewed.
  • Going forward, it is a good idea to periodically review the social media sites of family members to assure privacy is protected.
  • Review phone rules with your child. A child should never open a text or answer a call from a number they do not know.


Yvonne Stroud

Fall Creek Elementary Principal