Arrival Procedures

  • The front drive is a drive through only. Stop, drop off your student, and go.  
  • If parking, park in a parking spot then students must be escorted around the drop off lane to the sidewalk. No walking through the drop off lane.
  • THERE IS NO STUDENT DROP OFF IN THE BUS LANE. If entering the parking lot to drop off a student, you must park in a designated parking place and the students must be escorted across the parking lot. 
  • The school doors open at 7:30 am. There is no supervision before 7:30 am. Students arriving before 7:30 am should stay seated until the doors are opened. 
  • Beginning at 7:30 until 7:40 arriving students will be directed to the cafeteria. They will sit with their class until dismissed to their classrooms at 7:40 am. 
  • Students arriving after 7:40 am will go directly to their classrooms. 
  • Students arriving after 8:00 must be escorted by their parent/guardian to the front office and signed in.