Birthday Celebrations

  • Parents may send "store bought" cupcakes or teats for their student to share with their classmates. 
  • Treats must be dropped off in the front office. Please label the treats with your child's name and homeroom teacher.
  • Student's may also bring the treats but must be given to their teacher upon arrival. 
  • After lunch, at a place specified by the teacher, the treats will be given to the students. Treats are not allowed to be distributed in the cafeteria.
  • Birthday parties are not allowed to be held in the classrooms or on campus.
  • Balloons and flowers can be sent for students. However, students will not be able to pick them up from the office until dismissal. Due to bus safety rules, balloons and flowers will not be allowed on the bus. The student will need to be a car rider for that day. 
Invitations to parties held outside of school or events hosted or sponsored by parents cannot be distributed at school. Please do not ask your child to hand them out on school property.