Visitors to the School

Parents and others are welcome to visit the school.
  • All visitors must first report to the vestibule office. 
  • Visitors will be required to show a driver's license.
  • Visitors will be given a visitor's name tag. The name tag MUST be worn while on campus. 
  • Visitors must check out in at the front office at the conclusion of their visit and return name tag. 
Visitors and parents may join their student for lunch. They will sit at the parent lunch table with their child and a peer of the child’s choice from the same grade level. 
Parents desiring to visit the classroom must contact the classroom teacher to schedule an appropriate time. The visit can be scheduled for a maximum of 45 minutes. The visit should not include conferencing or any classroom disruption. 
No person shall visit any classroom during standardized testing, classroom testing, or during a teacher's observation.