Medication Policy

An Authorization and Permission for Administration of Medication form must be completed and submitted to the nurse before students can receive medication at school. 
    • Medication must be delivered to and picked up from the clinic by a parent or authorized adult. 

    • Medications given more than 10 days require a physician's signature.

    • Parent signature is required for the administration of any medication. 

    • Prescription and non-prescription medication must be in the original container. 

    • Changes in the administration of prescription drugs including dose and time must be in writing from the parent/guardian and/or physician.

    • Medication label must contain the patient names, name of the medication, directions for use and date.
    • Changes in the administration of non-prescription medications must be in writing from the parent/ guardian and/or physician.

    • Physician orders for medications are valid for the current school year. 

    • Permission to administer "missed doses at home" must be in writing. Fax and e-mail are permissible. Original must follow within 48 hours. 

    • PRN meds may not be administered more than four times in one month.