Guest Teacher/Sub

Humble I.S.D. Salary Schedule, 2022-23 Substitute Employees

Position Daily Rate Mon & Fri Daily Rate
Non-degreed Substitute $120.00 $130.00
Degreed Substitute $130.00 $140.00
*Texas Certified Substitute $140.00 $150.00
Deaf Education Teacher (Degreed) $145.00  
Certified Level I Interpreter $135.00  
Non-certified Interpreter $130.00  
Nurse – Degreed RN $165.00  
Nurse – Non-degree RN $145.00  
Nurse – Non-degree LVN $135.00  
Licensed Cosmetologist $120.00  
Licensed (Certified) Speech Therapist $165.00  
ASHA Certified Therapist $175.00  
Degreed Temporary Assignment Teacher (filling an official $185.00  
vacancy and with approval of Superintendent/Designee)    
Humble Retiree (Certified) Teacher $175.00  
Humble Retiree/Former Counselor $245.00  
Humble Retiree/Former Elementary Administrator $245.00  
Humble Retiree/Former Secondary Administrator $295.00  
Humble Retiree/Former Central Office Administrator $345.00  
Humble Retiree/Former Office Prof. or Para-educator:    
Degreed $160.00  
Non Degreed $150.00  

Beginning on the 11th consecutive work day in the positions identified above, substitute employees will receive an additional $35.00 per day, retroactive to the first day in the assignment. 

Substitutes in positions that are identified as substitute shortage areas will receive an additional $10.00 per day for the assignment (Adaptive Behavior, Life Skills, Medically Fragile, Severe Communication Disorders, PPCD, and others identified as shortage areas).

Substitutes for bilingual (Spanish) teaching positions are eligible to receive an additional $10.00 per day when working in a bilingual teaching assignment only after passing a written and oral Spanish competency exam. 

*Effective with the 2011-12 school year, out-of-state certified substitutes will be paid the Degreed substitute rate. 

100+ Days worked by sub in the school year:              Annual                  $500.00