Humble ISD School Board approves raises for all staff

Humble ISD teacher pay is projected to be among the highest in the Houston area under a new compensation plan approved on May 24 by the Board of Trustees for the 2022-2023 school year.

Humble ISD is in a strong financial position because of high student enrollment as a fast-growth district as well as the community’s support of Bond 2022, which allows Humble ISD to continue paying for facility needs with bond funds while preserving the general fund for compensation and other district expenses. 

Teachers' raises will be:

  • $2,600 for teachers with 1 to 6 years’ experience;
  • $2,650 for teachers with 7 to 14 years’ experience;
  • $2,700 for teachers with 15 to 21 years’ experience
  • $2,750 for teachers with 22 or more years’ experience.

Starting teacher pay will go up $2,500, from $59,000 to $61,500.

“We have an incredible staff who have continually made us proud and we want them to remain part of the Humble ISD Family. We are a fast-growth district and our community supported us with a bond for our growing capital needs,” Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen said. “We are pleased to be able to provide all staff with 4 percent raises and no increased costs on health insurance premiums. This keeps Humble ISD teacher compensation as one of the highest in the Houston area. We believe quality compensation will continue to attract and retain excellent staff - staff who help all Humble ISD students learn, grow, be safe, and pursue their dreams. I appreciate our Board of Trustees for their hard work and always doing what is best for our students.”

With the raises, Humble ISD teachers will earn from $61,500 with a bachelor’s-degree plus certification for most teaching positions and no experience to $73,200 with a doctorate-degree having up to 26 or more years experience. Teachers who perform extra duties, such as coaching or sponsoring a student group, earn additional stipend pay.  

It is projected that Humble ISD’s starting teacher pay will be the 3rd highest out of 15 districts in the Houston area. Raising the starting salary and improvements to the hiring schedule benefits all teachers. New teachers who join the district are not paid more than existing teachers with the same years of experience. 

Statewide, the average teacher pay in Texas during the 2021-2022 school year was $54,059 as per districts reporting to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). 

Staff members holding non-teaching positions in Humble ISD will receive a 4 percent raise on average and the district will keep in place a $500 stipend that is paid in December and again in May for these employees.

Humble ISD also raises the minimum hourly pay rate for entry-level staff in positions such as child nutrition to $12, special ed paraprofessionals to $14.25, and bus drivers to $17.

During the pandemic, Humble ISD increased substitute teacher pay by $40 a day. Humble ISD will keep the higher pay rates in place to attract and retain substitute teachers to help preserve teacher planning time. Guest teachers will earn $120 per day with 60 or more college hours, $130 per day if degreed, $140 per day if a Texas certified teacher, and $175 per day if a retired Humble ISD teacher.

Humble ISD’s proposed budget further allocates funding so that employees will experience no increase in their health insurance premiums. While employees can choose to see doctors at a variety of facilities, Humble ISD also offers employees on the health insurance plan two health and wellness clinics with no out-pocket costs for employees, or a High Deductible option with a $25 fee per visit until the deductible is met and then all services are covered at 100 percent. 

Additional innovative initiatives that Humble ISD plans to implement as part of a pilot program in the 2022-2023 school year include:

  • Paying the alternative certification program costs for paraprofessionals with degrees who want to become certified teachers; and
  • Paying student teachers for their work in classrooms.

These innovative initiatives are designed to attract and retain high-potential paraprofessionals and student teachers - part of our Humble ISD grow our own program.  

The district’s proposed budget allocates a total of $20.2 million to attract and retain staff through enhancements to compensation and benefits. While the employee compensation plan was approved by the School Board on May 24, the entire budget is scheduled to be approved by the School Board on June 21. Compensation makes up about 85 percent of the annual budget.

Salary verification letters will be viewable in Munis Employee Self Service by:

  • July 15, 2022 - For employees on a 226-day calendar (such as Building Principals)
  • August 15, 2022 - For employees on a 209-day calendar (such as Assistant Principals)
  • September 15, 2022 - For employees on a 187-day employment calendar (such as most Teachers and Paraprofessionals)

View the employment calendar

Q. If I taught in Humble ISD last year, when will I see my raise?

See above for dates.

Q. As a teacher returning to the district, when and where can I see my 2022-2023 salary?

On Sept. 15, log into Munis Self Service to see your salary notification. Human Resources and Payroll will be updating Munis for eligible teachers, paraprofessionals and campus personnel on 187, 190 and 195-day employment calendars (pay cycle September through August) by Sept. 15. Most teachers are on a 187-employment calendar.

Q. If I log into Munis Self Service now, will my salary be correct? 

The salary portion of the salary notice will reflect 2021-2022, given that final pay from the 2021-2022 year is processed in the summer. Other information in MUNIS, such as Start Date, End Date, Local Years and Total Years, may be updated before your first paycheck on the 2022-2023  employment calendar.  See above dates regarding 2022-2023 salary notifications.

Q. I am a returning teacher who has five years of experience. I see on the hiring schedule that a teacher with five years of experience with a bachelor’s degree is hired into the district at a salary of $62,850. Will I earn that?

Yes. Existing teachers are not paid less than teachers hired into the district with the same years of experience. Improvements to the hiring schedule benefit all teachers.

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