Middle School End of Semester Grading Procedures

As the spring semester prepares to conclude, we want to share with middle school parents and students information about end of the semester grading procedures. Humble ISD’s grading procedures will remain consistent with those used in prior school years for middle school courses.

Middle school students will take assessments May 26-28 as the spring semester ends. Thursday and Friday, May 27-28, will be early release days with classes dismissing at 12:35 p.m. These assessments are staggered over several days by class period so that students take one, two, or three tests per day rather than having all their tests on the same day. Students attending school face-to-face currently will test at school and virtual students will test at home with teachers designing the tests accordingly to ensure a level playing field.

These assessments count as regular summative grades for the fourth nine-week grading period for most middle school students. It is important that all students take their final assessments for the marking period.

How semester grades are configured in high school credit classes

Middle school students who are enrolled in high school credit courses will follow the high school testing procedures, which are different from the middle school testing procedures. If your middle school student is taking a high school credit course, please read the High School Exams Announcement.

As always, please reach out to your child’s teacher or counselor if you have questions about your child’s academic progress.