74th Annual Humble ISD Livestock Show & Auction

2021 Humble ISD Livestock Show & Auction

74th Annual Humble ISD Livestock Show & Auction
Humble ISD is excited to welcome its 74th annual Livestock Show and Auction. Students participating in FFA & 4H from elementary to high school will be exhibiting their animals in hopes to earn a top 10 spot and be entered in our live community auction. This year's auction is dedicated to the company Facility Sources, who has been a long time buyer and supporter of Humble ISD. New this year to the Livestock Show is the Freezer Sale. This is an opportunity for students who did not make the auction to sell their animals for market prices. We are excited to provide this resource to the community to purchase locally raised market animals. Livestock Show & Auction Details

Livestock Showing: January 19 & 20
Outdoor Humble Civic Center Arena

Live Auction: Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 1 p.m.
Humble Civic Center Ballroom

(New!) Freezer Sale: 
available for anyone to purchase an exhibitor’s animal that will not be sold in the auction or did not secure a guaranteed buyer. All animals will have a set minimum price based on market value. Large animals (steers, swine, lambs, & goats) will be sold at market price per pound. Small animals (rabbits, turkeys, & broilers) will be sold for a flat market price. Each animal will have a recommended price to help offset the cost of the animal to the exhibitor.
For all details related to the 2021 Humble Livestock Show, Auction, Freezer Sale, and a schedule of events, please visit www.humblelivestockshow.com.