January 4, 2021 Winter Break Summary

January 4, 2021

Dear Community Learning Center Families, 

Due to the Winter Break, we are adjusting our procedure on notifying families of positive COVID-19 cases by sending a summary of the past two weeks.

Today, all Community Learning Center parents and staff are receiving this summary of the total number of positive cases at CLC that were reported to Humble ISD from Saturday, December 19, to Sunday, January 3. There was one student case and three staff cases reported. When there is close contact, school administrators individually notify staff or the close contacts’ parents; therefore, if you have not received an individual notice from school administration, you or your child are not a close contact.   

The district follows TEA guidance in the event of positive cases:

  • Areas heavily used by the positive test individual are sanitized.
  • The individual with the positive test will remain off campus until re-entry criteria has been met a.) at least 10 calendar days since symptoms appeared, and b.) at least 24 hours since recovery (for example no fever without meds, and c) and symptoms have significantly improved (cough/shortness of breath). A student who must remain off campus will be an online learner if they feel well for school work.
  • Close contacts are advised to remain home for 10 calendar days, or 7 calendar days with a negative test, in alignment with new guidelines from TEA. Online learning will be available immediately for close contact students whose families wish to keep them home.

Humble ISD appreciates everyone’s help in providing the best educational environment through these proactive measures:

  • daily self screening for symptoms prior to coming onto a campus;
  • reporting to the school if one tests positive, comes in close contact with someone who tests positive, or experiences symptoms of COVID-19. Parents of a student who tests positive should complete humbleisd.net/reportcovid19student
  • physical distancing;
  • practicing excellent hand hygiene;
  • and following the Governor’s face covering order. 

Thank you to the families for coming forward to work with our school to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

Humble ISD has partnered with community organizations to provide additional choices for families who would like their child tested for COVID-19. All testing is optional and offered as convenient local solutions. Options for testing include:

  • The 24 Hour Covid RT-PCR Laboratory can test Humble ISD students who attend school in-person or virtually. This test is the RT-PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, which is considered the most reliable test for detecting COVID-19.  If a student is experiencing symptoms or has been exposed to someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, they will receive, at zero out of pocket cost, a telemedicine consultation and diagnostic lab test.  In accordance with the CARES Act this test is made available at no out of pocket expense to anyone who meets this criteria.  Test costs are processed by 24 Hour Covid RT-PCR Laboratory through the child’s health insurance.  If the child does not have health insurance, the costs are processed through federal assistance programs.
  • Humble ISD students who attend at least one class on campus are eligible to request a free test through the online Student COVID-19 Curbside Test Request Form. This test is a rapid antigen test. These tests may produce false positive results, according to the FDA. It is recommended that any positive antigen test be followed up with a RT-PCR test from a licensed high complexity lab to confirm a result. 

More detailed information on these student testing options, as well as options offered through city and county resources, can be found on the Humble ISD website.


Christy Speights