November 11, 2020

November 11, 2020

Dear Community Learning Center Families, 

We are writing to share that two individuals who most recently were on the Community Learning Center campus on Wednesday, October 28, have received positive tests for COVID-19. There were no close contacts. This notice that you are receiving is being sent to all Community Learning Center parents and staff members.

The district follows TEA guidance in the event of positive cases:

  • Areas heavily used by the positive test individual are sanitized.
  • The individuals with the positive test will remain off campus until re-entry criteria has been met a.) at least 10 calendar days since symptoms appeared, and b.) at least 24 hours since recovery (for example no fever without meds, and c) and symptoms have significantly improved (cough/shortness of breath). A student who must remain off campus will be an online learner if they feel well for school work.

Humble ISD appreciates everyone’s help in providing the best educational environment through these proactive measures:

  • daily self screening for symptoms prior to coming onto a campus;
  • reporting to the school if one tests positive, comes in close contact with someone who tests positive, or experiences symptoms of COVID-19. Parents of a student who tests positive should complete
  • physical distancing;
  • practicing excellent hand hygiene;
  • and following the Governor’s face covering order. 

Thank you to the family for coming forward to work with our school to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Humble ISD is offering free, optional COVID-19 testing to students who attend school on campus and whose parents would like for them to be tested. More information regarding COVID testing for students. 

Additional options for testing are:  (City of Houston) (Harris County Public Health)  (Texas Division of Emergency Management)  (Harris County) 


Christie Speights
Building Principal