Letter from Principal Sept. 18, 2020

Sept. 18, 2020

Dear Park Lakes Elementary Families,

Today around 11 a.m. we were informed by our Humble ISD Police Department that there was police activity involving Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies and suspects at large in the surrounding neighborhood. We immediately took precaution by bringing students inside who were at PE and recess. We placed our campus on lockout and continued with our daily routines. As a further precaution, we are keeping students inside for the remainder of the day as one suspect is still at large.

Humble ISD Police and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office have increased patrols on and around our campus. All students and staff are safe and school will be dismissed at the regular time.

I would like to thank our Humble ISD Police, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and our staff for working together to keep our campus safe.


Sarah Ballard