Welcome Back Parent Letter 20-21

Dear OFE Falcon Families,

We hope that you are having a nice summer and that you are staying safe. As you have probably seen, Humble ISD is offering several choices for your children regarding instructional options for this year.  We at OFE want to make sure that you understand what each option entails for you and your student(s).


     Please know that online instruction will not be like the online instruction we

     provided in the spring. TEA has put forth some specific requirements for all

     schools regarding online instruction

         (1) Students will be required to be engaged in online learning a minimum of

               3 hours daily. This engagement will be documented for TEA purposes.

         (2) Assignments will have specific due dates as set by the teacher, just like

               assignments given to those students attending in person.

         (3) Online assignments will be graded just like the assignments given in class

              during face-to-face.

        (4) Attendance will be recorded and regarded just as if students were in school.


We are taking as many safety precautions as possible.  Campus administrators are working with district personnel to ensure we have as much PPE (safety equipment) on campus as possible.

     (1) There will be no sharing of supplies.  Each student will have their own

           Personal supplies so please label them.

     (2) Lunch will be in various settings to keep from having large groups in

           the cafeteria at one time. The district is providing campuses with some

           additional picnic tables and some benches for outside. Recess will also have a variety of 

           areas so students do not commingle with classrooms other than those with whom they 

           go to lunch. 

    (3) Sanitizing stations will be located at entrances and available in classrooms.

    (4) We will follow the governor's mandate regarding masks.  All students age 10 and above      

         will be required to wear masks and we highly encourage all students to wear masks. 

         Teachers will be provided masks/and or Face Shields.

   (5)  Visitors will be limited to only essential visitors. We will not have visitors for

         breakfast or lunch. As much as we appreciate our volunteers, we will not be

         utilizing them until further notice..

  (6)  Meet-the-Teacher will be via Zoom streamed from the classroom so that

         Parents and students can meet the teacher/s. You will receive information from your     

         classroom teacher for these times.

  (7)  We are looking at purchasing plexiglass dividers for small group instruction.

  (8)  The building will be cleaned thoroughly each day.

This is just a partial list as we continue to purchase more safety materials and make plans for keeping staff and students as safe as possible.

Please know that we totally understand you have to choose in the best interest of your family and we respect your decision. We just wanted to make sure you are aware of what will be required for online instruction and what precautions are being implemented for Face-to-Face learning.

Parents will have the option to change instructional choices after July 27 by going to the District Website. 

Whatever instructional choice you have made for your child, we look forward to seeing our students this year.  We look forward to working with all of you to ensure learning continues for everyone.

We have called parents for whom we did not receive a response for the original survey sent on June 23rd. If you have not yet given us your choice, please contact the school or email me at linda.schmidt@humbleisd.net with your student names, grades and your choice. If you choose face-to-face, we also need to know how your child will be brought to and from school (i.e. bus, car, walk, day care van, etc.)

Thank you and please continue watching the District website for more information. This is located at www.Humbleisd.net




Linda Schmidt


Oak Forest Elementary School