New COVID Testing Service

FREE COVID Student Testing

Humble ISD is offering a new service: free, optional COVID-19 testing to students who attend school on campus and whose parents would like for them to be tested.

How can I have my child tested?
Request a test through the online Student COVID-19 Curbside Test Request Form.

When will the test be administered?
10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Do I need an appointment?
The district must have received the online Student COVID-19 Testing Request Form before a test can be administered. Parents receive instructions after completing the online request form.

Who is eligible for the free tests?
Humble ISD students who attend at least one class on campus are eligible for free tests. Students who attend a UIL class on campus are eligible, as well as students who attend other classes on campus. Under state rules, full-time virtual students are not eligible to receive the tests. Family members of students are not eligible. The goal of the state program is to proactively prevent the spread of COVID-19 at school by making free testing available for on-campus students. The tests are provided through a partnership between Humble ISD, the Texas Division of Emergency Management, and the Texas Education Agency.

Why is Humble ISD offering the tests?
The district offers the tests as a convenient and free solution to families who want to know if their student is positive or negative. Free testing is one of many safeguards in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help schools remain safe for on-campus instruction.

Are tests required?
All testing is completely optional. No student or staff member will ever be required to take a test. 

What type of tests are given?
This testing program uses BinaxNOW tests, which provide results in 15 minutes and are administered using a nasal swab in the front area of the nostril. BinaxNOW tests are a rapid antigen test that detects the presence of protein antigens from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The manufacturer evaluated its tests and found BinaxNOW has a sensitivity (true positive rate) of 97.1 percent and specificity (true negative rate) of 98.5 percent.

What forms are required to test?
Parents must complete a permission form before the test is administered.

How will I receive results?
Parents will receive a phone call as well as a follow-up text and email. The results also are shared with appropriate campus and district staff and public agencies so that contract tracing and notifications can occur. The identity of the student is available only to appropriate parties.    

When does the testing program begin?
The district will begin accepting student COVID-19 Testing Request Forms on Wednesday, November 4. Tests are available beginning that same day.

Can employees test?
Humble ISD has offered free COVID-19 tests to staff members all school year. Humble ISD is able to expand free tests to students through this program. Employees who would like to be tested can make a request using the Employee COVID-19 Test Request Form. 

What do I do if I have questions?
Questions may be sent to