Humble ISD Teachers Receive Specialized Training to be Online Teachers

Humble ISD families choosing remote learning can rest assured that district teachers have received thorough training as part of the district’s online certification program that was designed by Humble ISD’s Teaching and Learning with state guidelines infused into the program. 

“Many of our teachers have had the opportunity to earn credit for remote learning since spring break,” Elizabeth King, Humble ISD Professional Learning Coordinator, said. “We’ve seen great demand from our teachers looking to become certified in digital teaching alternatives.”

The State of Texas requires basic online instruction training for all teachers. Humble ISD’s training program integrates the Texas Education Agency’s expectations with the district’s vision of quality instruction, student engagement, and authentic learning.

Teacher certification for digital instruction is not a one-time event for Humble ISD teachers. In addition to remote basics, the district provides teachers with the tools necessary to pivot from traditional instruction to virtual instruction. District support is also provided to teachers who are teaching exclusively online.

“Teachers will be meeting with us on a monthly basis to look at the results they are producing from their instruction to students,” Debbie Perez, Instructional Design and Authentic Assessment Coordinator for Humble ISD Teaching and Learning, said. “We want to have collaboration opportunities with our teachers so we can adjust the program to fit the needs of students.”

As part of the remote learning experience, parents can expect to find teacher instructional plans and learning sets that are accessible within Humble ISD’s digital learning platform. Teachers design a plan that allows a minimum of four hours of student engagement per day for asynchronous learning while providing maximum schedule flexibility for virtual one-on-one student meetings or group meetings.

Teachers in the same subject/curricular area collaborate with each other to ensure consistency for lessons. Student progress is also monitored daily by teachers who, in turn, communicate this information on a regular basis with parents and students.

“When you move into a virtual environment, you really have to be strategic with how you’re communicating with parents and students to avoid confusion,” Melissa Hayhurst, Humble ISD Executive Director of Assessment and Authentic Learning, said. Humble ISD recognizes how parent-teacher communication is key to a positive learning experience for all students.

Families with children who are learning remotely have the opportunity to view weekly schedules at a glance to help promote structure and maximize learning. As a state requirement, teachers must also have a plan in place to track contact with students.

Humble ISD’s remote learning plan outlines expectations, grading practices, and progress. “We took our existing curriculum frameworks and adjusted them into an all-encompassing instructional plan that benefits both teachers and families,” Hayhurst said. 

Virtual Learning

Megan Ortolano, Kindergarten Teacher at Eagle Springs Elementary, participates in digial learning professional development offered this summer through Humble ISD's Teaching and Learning Department.