Coronavirus District Update - March 16, 2020

Humble ISD Updates March 16, 2020

Humble ISD schools and buildings to be closed through April 10

Humble ISD schools and buildings will be closed, with all events and activities canceled, through Friday, April 10. This is part of the ongoing effort to support our nation’s need to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Houston area continues to see an increasing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19. Health officials report that this number is expected to continue to increase as more testing is made available.

We understand that closing schools poses many challenges for parents, students and staff. Our collective health and safety must be our top priority, as we help our community and health care systems in containing the Coronavirus.

Families will receive an email from their school later this week about learning opportunities while campuses are closed. During Spring Break, Humble ISD stated schools would email parents information tonight. However, principals and teachers are now readjusting plans to best serve students over a longer period of time. Please watch your email for information from your child’s school. 

Humble ISD will offer breakfast and lunch for all our students and children age 1-18.  Information regarding food service during closure can be found on

Please note: Throughout Humble ISD, high school campuses are closed; this includes all outside facilities. Middle school tracks remain open to the public at this time. Elementary school playgrounds remain open to the public at this time, and playground equipment will be cleaned daily. Despite daily cleaning, families should be aware that the Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for days. Health officials recommend frequent hand washing and social distancing.

Humble ISD appreciates your support as we continue to develop and navigate the many details of this unprecedented situation. We are very proud of the work our students, staff, and community are doing to support one another in new and unique ways.