Summer Creek High School students present the home they built to Desert Storm veteran

A former Marine has a new roof over his head thanks to Summer Creek High School students who spent months designing and building a new home as part of Humble ISD’s “Students helping Veterans: Big Heroes, Tiny Homes.”

Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez, who served in Operation Desert Storm, received the keys to his new home during a ceremony at SCHS on Friday, Feb. 21.  

Students who worked on the home say the skills they learned were far beyond anything they expected. “We built a new home and, at the same time, we opened the door to new opportunities to someone who gave so much to our country,” Natalia Andrade, the project’s head architect who graduated from Summer Creek High School in 2019, said. She now studies urban and regional planning at Texas A&M University.

Back in 2017, staff and students approached Humble ISD administrators about the project that would take learning outside of the classroom and give students hands-on opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge.  “At the time, we weren’t sure if they understood the challenges that would be ahead to complete this project, but what we did know was the incredible learning that was going to happen throughout the process,” Dr. Elizabeth Fagen, Humble ISD Superintendent, said.

The home will now be moved to a donated a plot of land in Liberty County, at the Langtree Retreat and Eco Center in Liberty, Texas, where the plumbing and electricity will be connected.