Whispering Pines Elementary: December 4, 2019

Dear Whispering Pines Elementary Families, 

There has been a stranger danger incident reported in our neighborhood.  A teacher walking a student home Monday afternoon spotted a man wearing a hoodie in a red, rusty car following them.  The teacher accompanied the student on her walk home out of caution after the student mentioned a previous incident involving the same car. The teacher said the car followed them from the corner of Wells Mark and Crestline to the intersection of Crestline and Beckett Ridge.  The man circled the street two times and stopped to get out of the car at a home.  The teacher tried to take a photo of the car, but the man quickly jumped in the car and drove away.  The man is described as heavy set, white or Hispanic, and was wearing dark clothing.  Humble ISD Police created a report and have increased patrols in the area.

This is a good opportunity to remind families about the following stranger danger safety tips at home:

  • If anything unusual occurs, tell an adult immediately.  Parents and teachers need to know what happened right away.
  • Walk or bike to and from school in groups.
  • Never talk to strangers or accept rides from them.
  • Arrange for immediate access to neighbors and other trusted adults who could answer questions or be contacted in an emergency. 
  • Tour the neighborhood with your child to identify safe and dangerous circumstances. 
  • Never get into a car, enter a home, look for a lost pet, or accept candy or toys from an adult, unless your parents know what you are doing and have given you their permission first.  

Please report any concerns to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 or Humble ISD Police at 281-641-7900.  


Wendy Anaya