SCHS Track State Champion

SCHS Athlete-photogallery.jpg


Summer Creek High School 2019 graduate Tianna Randle holds the school record in the 100 meters, 400 meter relay, and 800 meter relay. She qualified for State her junior and senior year. As a senior in this year, Tianna was the state champion in the 100 meters with a time of 11.51. Her time of 11.31 at regionals was the fastest time in the state of Texas for girls. She finished 2nd in the 400 meter relay with a time of 45.24 which is the 8th fastest time ever in the state of Texas. That time is also the 18th fastest time ever in high school for girls.


Last month Tianna was the 100 meters champion at the Adidas Boost games. This event has hosted several Olympic track and field athletes in the past, including the 400m world record holder and Rio gold medalist in 2017. Tianna will be attending UNLV next fall and she has plans of being a future Olympian.


Included in the photo are SCHS Principal Brent McDonald, SCHS Teacher Alisha Norman, Coach Elton Ervin, Board President Nancy Morrison, student athlete Tianna Randall, Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen, Coach Francelle Davis, and family members Hattie Randle, Londyn Davis, Jane'l Davis, and Tremayne Randle.