What you need to Know



What you need to know

  • Grades in dual credit classes become a permanent part of your college record.
  • Courses are taught at AHS during the regular school day.  Students do not need to travel to the college.
  • Maintain a college grade of “C” or better to remain in the program.
  • Compare the college and high school course calendars. They are not always the same.
  •  Payment must be made to Lone Star College  by the due date or courses will be dropped. 
  • Withdrawal from a dual credit course requires notification of your high school and completion of the necessary paper work. The college calendar has drop dates that are essential for dropping a course without a grade and dropping with a “W”.
  • Credit Transfer— Courses may not transfer to all universities. Please verify if courses will transfer to college of choice:   www.lonestar.edu/university-transfer-guide.htm