Humble ISD School Board approves $4,000 compensation increase for teachers and raises pay for staff members districtwide

FAQ's about 2019-2020 Compensation Plan


While new state legislation required Humble ISD to spend about $7 million on raises, the Humble ISD School Board allocated more than $18 million to upgrade compensation because of the district’s commitment to attracting and retaining the best staff.


“Our School Board puts students first and knows that extraordinary staff is most important to our students’ success,” Humble ISD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen said.


The School Board approved the increases on the same day that House Bill 3, authored by former Humble ISD School Board Member Dan Huberty, was signed by Governor Abbott. House Bill 3 provides more funding for public schools. Humble ISD also is in a strong financial position next year because of the community’s support of Bond 2018. Bond 2018 took most construction and long-term maintenance costs out of the operational budget and moved them into the bond budget, and that frees general fund dollars for other uses.


“It’s been way too long for teachers, counselors, and other education professionals to see professional salary increases,” Dr. Fagen said. “Educators today have to understand every single child and apply their professional expertise to the support of that child’s growth in preparation for life. This compensation package is really going to put us on the right path to professional salaries for professional educators.”


Dr. Fagen thanked State. Rep. Dan Huberty and State Sen. Brandon Creighton.


“Rep. Huberty and Sen. Creighton were wonderful partners in Austin who listened to our feedback,” Dr. Fagen said.  “Thank you to our School Board. Thank you to our community. I’m very excited that Humble ISD is leading the way and doing what’s right for our employees and our students.”