Humble ISD Spelling Bee Results

Spelling Bee

Ian Robertson, Creekwood Middle School seventh-grader, was named district Spelling Bee Champion for the third consecutive year at the annual Humble ISD Spelling Bee. Advika Rapolu from Greentree Elementary is the 2019 Humble ISD Spelling Bee Runner Up.

Each year Humble ISD hosts a spelling bee for Grades 3-8. Students first participate at a campus level bee, and winners move on to the district level competition. Spelling is only a portion of what these students study. They also learn words’ origins, parts of speech and definitions.

As the district champion, Ian is set to compete in the city-wide spelling bee on Saturday, March 23, 2019, at Baylor College of Medicine Academy at James D. Ryan Middle School. The event can be streamed around 2:30 p.m. on the Spelling Bee website and final rounds will be broadcast on PBS at 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 31. In the event Ian is unable to compete for any reason, Advika will represent Humble ISD in the city-wide spelling bee.

2019 Spelling Bee Winners


Below is a full list of Campus Spelling Bee Champions

Middle School Students

Atascocita Middle - Paul Masters, Grade 8

Creekwood Middle - Ian Robertson, Grade 7

Humble Middle - Viviana Washington, Grade 8

Kingwood Middle - Elijah Strzepek, Grade 6

Riverwood Middle - Vito Gagliardi, Grade 7

West Lake Middle - Bailey Oehl, Grade 7

Woodcreek Middle - Joshua Morris, Grade 6


Elementary School Students

Atascocita Springs Elementary - Evie Judge, Grade 4

Bear Branch Elementary - Caitlin McLain, Grade 5

Deerwood Elementary - Gabrielle Sebello, Grade 4

Eagle Springs Elementary - Konner Dunstone, Grade 3

Elm Grove Elementary - Mayokunolaoluwa Wale-Sulaiman, Grade 3

Fall Creek Elementary - Nirasha Fernando, Grade 5

Foster Elementary - Maya Fritz, Grade 4

Greentree Elementary - Advika Rapolu, Grade 5

Groves Elementary - Glenda Afari, Grade 5

Hidden Hollow Elementary - Lily Heinze, Grade 4

Jack Fields, Sr. Elementary - Lauren Chavez, Grade 5

Lakeshore Elementary - Sanjay Mowry, Grade 4

Maplebrook Elementary - Emma Gasper, Grade 4

Oak Forest Elementary - Mia Resendez, Grade 3

Oaks Elementary - Malcolm Scarborough, Grade 5

Park Lakes Elementary - De’Von Heard, Grade 5

Pine Forest Elementary - Brycen Cole, Grade 5

Ridge Creek Elementary - Lizbeth Herrera, Grade 5

River Pines Elementary - Juan Ortega, Grade 5

Shadow Forest Elementary - Samaira Sufiyan, Grade 5

Summerwood Elementary - Jason Pham, Grade 3

Timbers Elementary - Sydney Williams, Grade 3

Whispering Pines Elementary - Kyla Quillens, Grade 4

Willow Creek Elementary - Luna O’Neil, Grade 5

Woodland Hills Elementary - Devin Dupree, Grade 3