Lakeshore Elementary Marimba Ensemble chosen to perform at TMEA Convention

LSE Spotted Half Notes


The Lakeshore Elementary Spotted Half Notes marimba ensemble has been chosen to perform at the 2019 Texas Music Educators Association Convention and Clinic in San Antonio on Feb. 14. Lakeshore is one of only eight elementary groups in the state selected to perform at the conference.

The Spotted Half Notes originally began in 2009 when the campus opened. The mallett group is made up of sixteen 4th and 5th grade students. The organization serves as a way for the students to further develop their talents and love of music outside of regular school hours.  Lakeshore Elementary music specialist, 
Jonathan Kaciuba, has created an atmosphere for his students to focus on leadership, teamwork, and harmony through an ensemble.

“Ten years ago, I set a personal goal for our group to be recognized as an all-state ensemble,” Kaciuba said. “All of the students have worked incredibly hard and I am blown away and honored to be their director.”

After submitting recordings of their performance pieces, The Spotted Half Notes were selected as one of the best elementary ensemble groups in the state of Texas. 
The group will have the opportunity to play a few original musical selections during the TMEA performance. Kaciuba is excited for the future of the ensemble.