Dress Code

From the Humble ISD Student Handbook:
Any form of dress or grooming that attracts undue attention, disrupts school, is considered gang related, or
detracts from the learning process is not acceptable. No sleepwear is to be worn at school. Mini-dresses and mini-skirts shorter than mid-thigh, spaghetti straps, leotards, and halters as an outer garment are not acceptable school dress. Blouses covering tube tops must be buttoned. The length of shorts must be between the knee and mid-thigh. No "short shorts" are allowed. Fashions with slits above mid-thigh are not acceptable. Excessively loose or tight garments are not acceptable. All clothing should be appropriately fitted. All shirts must be worn so as not to expose the bare chest. Tank tops or undershirts are not to be worn as outer garments. The midriff must not be exposed when a student goes through the normal activities of a school day (bending, stretching, reaching, etc.). Garments with inappropriate decorations or advertisements are not acceptable. The American flag is not to be worn as an article of clothing. However, a depiction of the American flag on clothing in a respectful manner is acceptable. Male students are not allowed to wear shirts without sleeves. Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in the school building. Appropriate foundation garments must be worn at all times. Revealing garments are not permitted. Jewelry may not be worn in other pierced areas of the body. Male students may not wear earrings; female students may wear earrings only on the ears. Shoes are to be worn. Steel-toed shoes, house slippers, cleats and roller or wheeled shoes are not permitted. Additionally, at the elementary level, heels above ½ inch and flip-flops are not permitted. Any garment or accessory that could be used in a threatening or menacing manner is prohibited. Make-up is not permitted at the elementary level. Visible tattoos are not permitted at any level.
Exceptions from the Humble Independent School District dress code due to medical reasons must be approved by the grade level principal.