Humble ISD Educational Support Services staff receive autism certification

Autism Cert

Humble ISD Educational Support Services department is always looking for more ways to support students and teachers. Through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), Humble ISD Educational Support Services department gives staff members an opportunity to become Certified Autism Specialists. IBCCES provides training and certification in the field of cognitive disorders. Currently, Humble ISD has 78 staff members who are certified through the IBCCES program and 12 additional are in progress.


The certification program curriculum provides professional development that helps staff members better serve students with autism. Earning the certification includes a commitment to maintain the training and to provide the best support for students and staff as possible. This certification will be an additional help to equip staff with knowledge and strategies to improve the education of students within the district.


The Certified Autism Specialist program offers the certification to educators with a bachelors degree and 10 plus years experience or a masters degree with two years experience. The Autism Certification program is for anyone else not meeting the aforementioned requirements. Both levels of certification require 14 hours of training in autism and passing a competency exam.


"We know that teachers have a tremendous job to do, which is why we provide evidence-based, specialized training and professional credentials to ensure they have all the tools necessary to improve outcomes and help students with all abilities," said Myron Pincomb, board chairman of IBCCES. "It's great to work with such a forward-thinking district that is providing the best tools to its teachers, and ultimately, its students."


The Educational Support Services department is always looking for opportunities that provide continued growth. The department finds this mindset necessary in order to provide high-quality education for students across the district.