Visiting the School

Per the Humble ISD Parent Student Handbook:

Parents and others are welcome to visit district schools. For the safety of those within the school and to avoid disruption of instructional time, all visitors must first report to the main office and must comply with all applicable district policies and procedures. When arriving on campus, all parents and other visitors should be prepared to show identification. Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time are permitted only with approval of the principal and teacher and only so long as their duration or frequency does not interfere with the delivery of instruction or disrupt the normal school environment. Even if the visit is approved prior to the visitor’s arrival, the individual must check in at the main office first.

Upon checking in at the front office, MBE visitors will receive a visitor's badge which includes the name and photograph of the visitor as well as the visitor location in the building. Visitors must wear the visitor badge at all times and may only visit the area designated on the badge. Visitor badges should be returned to the front office at the end of the visit so that the visitor can be checked out of the system.

If you would like to have a conference with your child's teacher, please contact the teacher prior to visiting the campus.