Bike Riders/Walkers

We have two crosswalk guards in the morning and afternoon to allow all of our bikers/walkers to cross safely to the appropriate sidewalks upon arrival and dismissal. The first crosswalk guard will be at Farmingham and Trevino Trail.  The second crosswalk guard will be at the entrance/exit of Kinder Side Car Rider.

  • Arrival:  Please remember our crosswalk guards will be on duty in the morning from 7:30am-7:55am.  After 7:55 our crosswalk guards will need to return inside the building to begin their day with our students.  Please ensure your biker/walker students arrive before 7:55am so they can cross safely while the crosswalk guard is on duty.  Please remember students will be counted tardy beginning at 8:00am.
  • Dismissal:  Bikers/walkers will be dismissed at 3:20pm to allow all of our bikers/walkers to exit to their locations safely before any of our car rider traffic begins.  Please be aware of this time and be ready to receive your child at 3:20pm at your designated meeting location.


  • If you (or someone else designated by you) meet your child at the dismissal location every day, please communicate to your child that in the event no one is there to meet him/her, he/she is to return to campus


  • Our bike riders are encouraged to use a lock to ensure the safety of their bicycles. The campus will not assume responsibility for bicycles of students.


  • Bike riders are required to walk their bikes all the way once they are on campus and leaving campus to the dismissal location in order to avoid accidents with walkers.