Dismissal Changes

If you have a dismissal change please send in a note with your child to their teacher that morning or email their teacher by 1:00pm.  If you do not get a response from the teacher by 1:00pm acknowledging they have received your dismissal change please email  our front office staff, Jean.Philpot@humbleisd.net and Heather.Bullock@humbleisd.net, to ensure the dismissal change for your child.  We cannot accommodate dismissal changes requested after 3:00pm.  Please note that there can be no changes of transportation by phone due to security measures.


Dismissal Times

Bikers/Walkers - 3:20 pm
Bus/Daycare - 3:23 pm
Kinder Car Rider - 3:25 pm
Cafeteria Car Rider - 3:28 pm