• IMPORTANT: To limit disruptions to instructional time in the classroom, we will have forgotten lunches outside of the cafeteria on the table by Mrs. Philpot’s window. Please check in with the front office, write your child’s name, grade level, and classroom teacher’s name on the lunch, and she will place it on the appropriate table.   
  • Student Meal Prices:  Breakfast $1.40 (reduced $.30) and Lunch $2.25 (reduced $.40)
  • All students are encouraged to know their lunch numbers if they are buying any items from the cafeteria. Parents may pay online through the district website or by managing their student’s account via the School Cafe App.  Parents may also send a check or cash with the student to give to the cafeteria manager between 7:30 and 7:50 am.
  • We have allocated guest tables in the cafeteria at lunch for parents to eat with their child that are indicated with a sign on the table. Students may not invite friends to sit with them and adults may only eat with their own child at the designated guest tables.
  • Breakfast will end at 7:50 each morning so please have your child here at 7:30 if they will be eating breakfast at school.