Teacher Request Policy

We know sometimes when a brother or sister has had a great experience with a wonderful teacher we want to replicate that same experience for our next child. However, each child is unique and no experience can be exactly the same for any child. We believe we have assembled the BEST staff at Maplebrook - committed to ensuring a successful school year for your child and willing to work with you to help your child have a great learning experience! If your child is having difficulty transitioning back to school, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to share your concerns or our school counselor, Lorrie Ogletree, so they can help make this a positive start for your child. If after 3 weeks your child is still having difficulty, please schedule a conference with your child’s teacher as they want to know how they can best meet the needs of your child and discuss ways to work together with you. After you have met with your child’s teacher, you may contact Tiffany Caseltine, Principal, to visit further if necessary.