Grading Policy

Eagle Springs Elementary follows the district grading guidelines, as outlined in pages 29-30 of the Humble ISD Student/Parent Handbook. In addition, Eagle Springs Elementary has adopted the following grading policies for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades:

Reassessing Individuals:
The District's re-teaching/reassessment policy shall ensure that students have an opportunity to master the district's curricular objectives. Re-teaching shall be integrated into lessons during guided practice and may be a part of the explanation phase when checking for understanding.

After the teacher determines that re-teaching is necessary, the teacher may use a variety of reassessment techniques to determine mastery. These techniques may include oral questioning, observation, retesting, demonstration, an additional assignment, or an alternative assignment. This applies to all forms of assessment. If a teacher chooses to retest an individual student to determine mastery, the higher of the two grades will be used in calculating the grade cycle average.

Late Work Policy:

Assignments (daily work, tests, and projects) must be completed and turned in on the assigned due date in order to receive full credit. Late assignments will be accepted up to 3 school days past the assigned due date. In an effort for the student's work to reflect mastery of the content presented in the assignment, no more than 10 points total will be deducted for late work. After 3 school days, assignments will not be accepted.

Assignment Corrections:

A student may correct any assignment (on which a score of 69 or below was received,) for up to a maximum score of 70. The teacher will determine where the assignment will be corrected. The assignment must be corrected and returned within 3 school days of receiving it, or the original grade will stand.