Dress Code

Please review the Dress Code policies for Humble ISD in the student handbook for more details.

Students and parents should keep these points in mind when planning outfits for school:

  • Students at all grade levels may wear shorts, but "short shorts" and tight fitting shorts are forbidden. Shorts must be mid thigh length or longer.
  • Skirts and dresses must also be mid thigh length or longer. Girls are not allowed to wear skirts or dresses with slits extending above the mid thigh area.
  • No midriffs can be exposed.
  • Earrings are permitted for female students only. No student, male or female, will be allowed to wear jewelry in other pierced areas of the body while at school.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.
  • Hair style/color must not create disruptions or distractions.
  • Students must wear shoes. Steel toe shoes, roller skate shoes with the wheels in them, shower slippers and thong-type shoes are not acceptable.
  • Hair styles must be neat, clean and well groomed with no type of head covering allowed.
  • Elementary students are prohibited from wearing makeup, jewelry that is hazardous to the child's safety and comfort, play shorts, cutoffs, spandex, bicycle shorts, boys' sleeveless shirts, cutup jeans and clothing that exposes the midriff. No sleepwear is to be worn at school.

The District prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the principal's judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption or interference with normal school operations. If the principal determines that a student's grooming violates the dress code, the student shall be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not corrected, the student shall be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day or until a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of clothing to the school.

Repeated dress code offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action. Appropriate discipline procedures shall be followed in all cases in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Exception from the Humble ISD Dress Code due to medical reasons must be approved by the principal.

District guidelines state that any form of dress that attracts undue attention, is unsafe, disrupts school or detracts from the learning process is not acceptable. Specific information on dress codes is contained in the student handbooks. Parents are advised to review the dress and grooming policies along with other information found in the handbooks.