Humble ISD wins 10 awards in state communications contest

Humble ISD won 10 awards including one best of category award in the 2017 Texas School Public Relations Association communications contest.


The district received the Best of Category award for the “Humble ISD Campus Communication Plan.” The Campus Communication Plan provides a framework for managing and coordinating internal and external communications at the campus level to ensure consistent messaging across the district. Crystal Commendation Awards were awarded for the “On the Roof Again” Foundation partnership featuring Dr. Ted Landry and the Kingwood High School Annual Fund Campaign and for the “2016-2017 Education Foundation Employee Campaign - The Incredible Superheroes of Humble ISD.”


The Humble ISD Education Foundation partners with Humble ISD schools on campaigns that give parents the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to their child's school.  During Kingwood High School's 2016-2017 On the Roof campaign, principal, Dr. Ted Landry, spent 26 hours on the school's roof to raise awareness and contributions for the annual fund.


The “2016-2017 Foundation Employee Campaign, The Incredible Superheroes of Humble ISD,” raised more than $328,000.  Funds raised through this campaign benefit all Humble ISD schools as well as the Foundation's Innovative Education Grants program.


Gold Star Awards were awarded for the “Spanish Immersion” brochure promoting the Spanish Immersion program opportunities and application process; “Fifth graders use class project to build prosthetic hand for first grader” published news release; “Humble ISD Academy for Advancing Leaders” brochure; “Education Foundation Annual Report to the Community”; and the Humble ISD Campus Communication Plan.


Two Silver Star Awards were earned for published news releases, “Kickstart Kids Earn Purple Belts at End of the Year Ceremony,”  featuring the Woodcreek Middle School Kickstart Kids pilot program and “An Humble Tradition Restored,” featuring the return of Humble High School’s community parade.  

The work was completed by the Humble ISD Education Foundation: Jerri Monbaron, Executive Director;  Christy Tarkington, Assistant Director; Kiana Rios, Communications Specialist; and the Public Communications Office: Jamie Mount, Director; Jonathan Frey, Assistant Director; Lori Maugans, Digital Communications Coordinator; and Valonia Walker, Communications Writer.


The awards were announced Feb. 21 during the Texas School Public Relations Association’s 56th Annual Conference. In addition to receiving awards, Humble ISD staff were invited to present. Jamie Mount was invited to sit on a panel and speak about handling crisis communications during Hurricane Harvey and Jerri Monbaron and Christy Tarkington spoke about developing school district advocates in the community through the Humble ISD Community Leadership Academy. Jerri Monbaron also led a roundtable discussion about encouraging alumni support for your foundation and district.