Houston Astro Josh Reddick surprised the KHS Varsity Baseball Team

Reddick surprises KHS Varsity Baseball


Houston Astro Josh Reddick surprised the Kingwood High School Varsity Baseball Team with a visit to their baseball field on the morning of April 27. Along with sponsor New Balance, Reddick provided each of the athletes New Balance shoes, pants and personalized jerseys. 


The Mustangs have played their home games at Summer Creek High School this season since Hurricane Harvey flooded their school this past fall. The Kingwood High School baseball field won’t be ready for competitive play until August.


Reddick worked with New Balance to design the uniforms, picking the font, logo placement, and even adding camouflage to the sleeves and pants. 


“It was a fun process for me,” Reddick said. “I know this is going to be a great pick up for you guys after what ya’ll went through earlier this year.”


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