Super Staffers honored by School Board


Humble ISD’s Super Staffers of the Month were recognized at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on April 10. Thanks to an anonymous donor for sponsoring this month's Super Staffers. Pictured from left are School Board President Angela Conrad, Maplebrook Elementary Assistant Principal Wendy Anaya, Humble Middle School Custodian Derrick Johnson, Police Lieutenant Erica Journet, and Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen.

Honored at the Board Meeting were the following Super Staffers:


Wendy Anaya, Maplebrook Elementary Assistant Principal

As MBE's Assistant Principal, Wendy Anaya constantly works to ensure a safe environment for students and staff and easily builds relationships on our campus.   Wendy is able to encourage students to give their absolute best, and it is clear to see how accomplished they feel when she praises them and supports them through difficult times. She is approachable for students, staff, and parents, is an authentic listener, and is experienced and dedicated enough to offer feedback that can make problems much easier to solve. Wendy never gives up on a kiddo or a staff member and always seeks to find solutions that are growth oriented for everyone and she does so with a genuine smile and a contagious positive energy. Wendy knows that education matters for ALL and she is able to balance and juggle her work load with ease and does so with humor, grace, and professionalism.


Derrick Johnson, Humble Middle School Custodian
Mr. Derrick works very hard to make sure our building is a safe and healthy learning environment for our students. He is very committed to HMS. He has excellent attendance and even comes to work when he isn't feeling well.   He has had to fill-in when there has been changes to our custodial staff, as well as working long hours when our regular custodial staff has been off duty. He cares about our staff and students. He has built relationships with our students. He goes out of his way to speak to students and encourage them to do the right thing. He even ask students about their grades and encourages them to make their best better! He personifies the characteristics of excellence we strive to instill in our staff.


Lt. Erica Journet, Humble ISD Police Department Lieutenant
With Safety and Security as one of the district goals this year, it is easy to understand how members of the police department have been an integral part of ensuring this goal is implemented, monitored and assessed. What isn't as obvious is how much Lt. Journet has been a key factor in the success of this goal. From the launching of iHELP to the deployment of radios, she has become the individual that we turn to for assistance and answers. For example, when principals were alarmed about tips that might come in late at night or on holidays and perhaps be overlooked, she quickly worked with district dispatch personnel to develop a process for not only monitoring those tips but providing emotional support to students who may be reaching out for help at 2 in the morning. Between her leadership and campus administrators and counselors, no tip goes unread so that individual students as well as entire campuses are safer. The Assistant Superintendents of Schools and campus administrators greatly appreciate her tireless dedication and extraordinary work ethic and are proud that she is a member of our team. Lt. Journet works under the direction of Humble ISD Police Chief Solomon Cook.


Campus Super Staffers:

Each month, campuses and departments select an individual to be honored as a Super Staffer for their outstanding work in advancing student achievement. A drawing is held and three honorees receive additional recognition at the School Board Meeting, including a $100 gift card to Pappas Restaurants thanks to an award sponsor. The sponsor for the Super Staffer Awards this month is an anonymous donor who wanted to demonstrate their support of Humble ISD educators.


Atascocita Springs Elementary – Scott Mattlage, 4th Grade Teacher

Deerwood Elementary – Hether DePasquale, Teacher

Elm Grove Elementary – Missy Makara, 3rd grade teacher

Foster Elementary – Melissa Balcom, Librarian

Greentree Elementary – Damian Burke, Special Ed Para

Humble Elementary – Giselle Torres, Pre-K teacher

Jack Fields Elementary – Svet Medina, 4th Grade Teacher

Maplebrook Elementary – Wendy Anaya, Assistant Principal

Oak Forest Elementary – Doddie Lilly, Math RTI

Park Lakes Elementary – Ruth Avalos, 1st Grade Teacher

Pine Forest Elementary – Marci Burkhart, Special Education Para

Ridge Creek Elementary – Ms. Lucresy Goff, First Grade Teacher

River Pines Elementary – Estella Phillips, Sped Paraprofessional

Shadow Forest Elementary – Rhonda Clift, Kindergarten Teacher

Timbers Elementary – Melanie Sowa, 5th Grade Math/Science teacher

Woodland Hills Elementary – Amy Bingley, Art/ GT

Willow Creek Elementary – Melissa Stakes, Second Grade Teacher


Humble Middle School – Derrick Johnson, Custodian

Woodcreek Middle School – Amy Suchadoll–8th Grade Math Teacher

Community Learning Center-DAEP/PACE – Dr. Jana McLain, At-Risk Counselor

Riverwood Middle School – Angela McDonald, Assistant Principal


Child Nutrition – Elisha Dunaway, Child Nutrition Bookkeeper

Police Department – Erica Journet, Lt.

General Maintenance – Larry Martin, Maintenance on Demand

Finance – Amy Parker, Budget Accountant