Humble ISD School Board authorizes 2017 reappraisals to support taxpayers whose property flooded

With Kingwood High School re-opened, Humble ISD School Board authorizes 2017 reappraisals to support taxpayers whose property flooded

The Humble ISD School Board has unanimously approved an order authorizing the reappraisal of property tax values for 2017 in support of taxpayers impacted by the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Taxpayers whose property values are lowered by the appraisal district for 2017 will receive refund checks. Checks could be issued as early as December, depending upon when the appraisal district completes the work.

Humble ISD has been told that about five percent - 4,000 out of 80,000 properties in the district- were impacted by flooding. The amount of refund for a homeowner would vary by property value and extent of loss. The reappraisal only applies to taxes calculated from August 23, 2017, the date the governor declared Harris County a disaster area, through December 31, 2017. There is no action that taxpayers will need to take in order to claim a refund if they receive a lower appraised value for 2017. Checks will be mailed automatically when the appraisal district provides data to the district. Property owners can visit for details about HCAD Disaster Reappraisal and should contact the appraisal district if they have questions about their property. The annual appraisal for 2018 is already underway as well.

The Humble ISD School Board passed a resolution in December in support of 2017 reappraisals and moved forward with the order in April after Humble ISD successfully re-opened flood-damaged Kingwood High School.  Kingwood High School’s re-opening ended costs of about $8,000 a day to transport students while Kingwood and Summer Creek high schools were combined.  

“This storm has been an opportunity for us to all work together as a community,” Humble ISD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen said. “Providing tax relief to flood-impacted property owners is one more way in which we continue to partner in the collective recovery. With Kingwood High School back up and running, we can now move forward.” 

Other schools districts including Katy, La Porte and Spring Branch have ordered reappraisals for 2017. Districts pay for the cost of reappraisal and receive less tax revenue as a result. State and local leaders have assured that state funds will be made available to reimburse districts.

“In spite of the remaining uncertainties, our School Board has decided this is the right thing to do for taxpayers, especially given the assurances we have received from state and local lawmakers,” School Board President Angela Conrad said.

The appraisal district has told Humble ISD that appraisers focus on sections where flooding occurred. Taxpayers have the right to file appeals with the appraisal district.

“We have had many state leaders and local leaders assure us that Humble ISD and other districts will return to a state of being whole in future sessions,” Dr. Fagen said.