Community Development Parent Workshop Series Feb. 20

This workshop will introduce parents to the essential components that focus on their teen’s world and how to communicate in their language.  The topics will include:  communication, social aspects of a teen’s life, stress and decoding your teen and social media.

Parents will be given tools, strategies, and resources needed to help understand their child, communicate with their child, support their child, learn how to nurture healthy relationships, provide solutions, and increase their positive self-image and attitude. 

Academic success relies on the healthy relationship a teen or tween has with their parents.

Parents will gain the following from the workshop:

  • Social Life of Teen: Common myths about adolescents
  • Social Life of Teen:  Understanding what does stress look like in a teen
  • Social Life of Teen: Understanding “The Change!”

  • Communication: Provide effective ideas and strategies to help you communicate
  • Communication: Increase ways to connect with your teen in order to build stronger, healthier relationships
  • Communication: Increase open communication

  • Social Media: Decode messages/lingo
  • Social Media: Provide parents a closer look into today’s social media
  • Social Media: Building connections and being present

There will also be a question and an answer session following the presentation.

Janna Michelle Hale is a speaker, mentor, counselor, and coach.  Her mission is to inspire and empower audiences of diverse backgrounds by presenting workshops covering a variety of topics to help parents empower their teens and build healthy relationships.

For additional information on the workshop topic please contact the office of Community Development at (281) 641-8140. Parent Workshop Series February 20, 2018