February 27, 2018

Progress on recovery at Kingwood High School continues, and things are looking great! The Mustang statue is back in the lobby. Rub the Hoof! KHS girls soccer and track and field athletes are now able to practice at KHS before school. The next update will be emailed to Kingwood and Summer Creek high school parents and staff on March 6. Kingwood High School students will begin classes back at the KHS campus on March 19. 

  • Doors are being installed in the 2000 wing classrooms and restrooms

  • Installation of new hot water piping for heating continues

  • Installation of plumbing fixtures in various areas continues
  • Restoration of the main corridors of the administration area and lobby continues

  • IT data cabling and system restoration continues

  • Upper casework/cabinet installation continues

  • Final cleaning of third and fourth floors has begun

  • Wood floor in dance room has been sealed and graphics have been placed

  • Competition gym wood floor has been sealed and graphics have been placed

  • Practice gym wood floor has been sealed and is awaiting graphics

  • Installation of auditorium seating has begun

  • 98% of floor finishes are in place

Photos are included below. Captions are provided under the "i" in the upper left corner of each photo.