February 20, 2018

The latest photos show updates to Kingwood High School. Work continues, and the next update will be emailed to Kingwood and Summer Creek high school parents and staff on February 27. Kingwood High School students are scheduled to begin classes back at the KHS campus on March 19. 

  • Sheds by the tennis courts were assembled and are being painted

  • Stucco finish to walls in the fine arts hallway are completed and painted

  • Wood floor in dance room is being sealed and graphics have been placed

  • Competition gym wood floor has first coat of sealer 

  • Practice gym wood floor is being sanded and prepped for sealing

  • Bleachers are assembled and in place in competition and practice gyms

  • Epoxy resin floor complete in gymnastics and wrestling room

  • Auditorium stage area rigging is complete

  • Installation of auditorium stage lighting and sound system are in progress

  • Demo of pool bleachers to make room for new bleachers and ventilation/HVAC system

  • Preparation of locker room floors are 50% complete

  • 95% of floor finishes are in place

  • Upper casework/cabinets are being installed

  • Final cleaning of third and fourth floors has begun

Photos are included below. Captions are provided under the "i" in the upper left corner of each photo.