February 6, 2018

The latest photos show updates to Kingwood High School. Work continues, and the next update will be emailed to Kingwood and Summer Creek high school parents and staff on February 13. Kingwood High School students are scheduled to begin classes back at the KHS campus on March 19. 

  • One of the two main electrical switchgears is complete

  • Fire alarm testing and restoration continues 

  • Elevator restoration continues
  • Stucco is being installed in the fine arts wing

  • Concrete floors have been poured in both walk-in coolers and freezers in kitchen 

  • Bleachers are being installed in both gyms

  • IT data cabling and system restoration continues

  • Tile in stairways continues

  • Tile is being installed in public restrooms near the auditorium 

  • Tile installation on walls in restrooms in administration area continues

  • Flooring installation continues in administration area

  • CTE cabinet installation continues 

  • Installation of plumbing fixtures in various areas continues 

  • Installation of new hot water piping for heating continues

  • The pool is being pumped for tile replacement

Photos are included below. Captions are provided under the "i" in the upper left corner of each photo.